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Boxing and Kickboxing for Self Defense

Self defense should be more than learning to defend and can be the difference between being able to protect one’s self, or a loved one, and becoming a victim in precious seconds. A lot can occur in those moments, and the mind can have a difficult time recalling a single self defense class taken years ago. Remember, danger knows no age and anyone can be a victim at any time. That is a simple fact that has persisted throughout humankind’s existence. Taking a different approach to the traditional self-defense classes is necessary these days.

Why Kickboxing or Boxing Over a Regular Self-defense Class? 

Unlike traditional classes, both can retrain reflexes and reactions through their exercise programs. Both are unique and fun ways to learn self-defense. At their roots, both are sports and art in motion. In addition, participants build endurance, gain exercise, and learn self-discipline. For many, it is a lifestyle and a form of art, not a class to take here or there, and for a boxer, or kick boxer, who regularly works out, the self-defensive moves become second nature against would-be attackers.

Added Benefits Classes

Benefits of taking classes also include improvement in overall health, both physical and mental, through cardio and strength exercises. No need to already be in shape either, but stick with a program to feel and see the results inside and out.

Mental clarity often improves with regular exercise, but there is also a spiritual side found in the art of boxing and kickboxing that many participants enjoy even when they weren’t seeking it. While spirituality isn’t necessary to learn self-defense or participate, it’s an added benefit.

Who can participate in boxing or kickboxing?

Self-defense is suitable for adults and children, male or female, and everyone can benefit from the added exercise and fun.