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Kevin’s Bio

Beale’s Combat Sports Training / Self-Defense

Kevin has been training in the Martial Arts and Boxing since the late seventies. He is one of the few people actually qualified and capable of methodically and accurately teaching these disciplines. Over the past thirty years he has trained and interfaced with many of the world’s top martial artists, police and military personnel, giving him a real world perspective on what is effective. Kevin has become one of the most knowledgeable, pragmatic and innovative experts in the business.

Throughout his career, Kevin has had the opportunity to train with some of the top instructors in the world. Wally Jay, Reamy Presas, Michael DePasquale, Cacoy Canete, Hock Hocheim, Tim Tackett, Jim McCann and R.J. Oak to name a few.

* Grand Master American Bujutsu Kempo
8th Degree Black Belt American Bujutsu Kempo
6th Degree Black Belt Pacific Archipelago Combatives
5th Degree Black Belt Hawaiian Kempo Jujitsu
3rd Degree Black Belt Aiki-Jitsu
Full Instructorship Close Quarter Combatives (SFCI)
Full Instructorship Unarmed Combatives (SFCI)
Full Instructorship Knife Combatives (SFCI)
Full Instructorship SDMS Combatives (SFCI)
Full Instructorship Tactical Weapons (ABKI)
Full Instructorship Jeet Kune Do (WNG)
Head Coach Submissions Fighting /Boxing (HFC)
Trainer of numerous Boxing, Kickboxing and NHB Champions
Starred in Xtreme Freestyle DVD Training Series
Stared in Jim McCann’s, “The Art of Boxing”, training series

Currently, Kevin has affiliations with Jim McCann’s Priman Gym NJ Hock Hocheim’s Force Neccessary Combatives and Tim Tackett’s Jeet Kune Do – Wednesday Night Group.

Kevin L Beale