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Kubotan – Keychain / Self-Defense

The Kubotan, also spelled Kubatan and Kubutan is a close quarter, self-defense keychain.

It was developed by a Japanese Martial Artist named “Taka” Kubota in the late 60’s. The

Kubotan is in fact derived from what is known as a Yawara (pocket stick) a traditional

Japanese weapon used for self-defense. Typically they are made of wood, metal or plastic.

Kubotan’s may come in a variety of shapes and colors. They are usually 5.5in length and

.56-.60 in diameter.  They all have key rings attached to them (either screwed or cut through).

When used as a self-defense tool the principal targets are all and everyone you come in contact with.

Bone, Flesh, and all pressure point sensitive areas.  The Kubotan’s can be used to stab/poke, flail, and lock/rake. Students are taught a basic set/forms of striking the body and they in turn develop a flow through combat scenarios. They are also exposed to joint locks and takedowns along with pain compliance escapes.

Workshop/Seminar:       1 Month 4 Sessions  1 hr. sessions

Fee:                                    $150.00

                                           $ 5.00 (cost of your personal Kubotan)

Total:                                 $155.00 per person

Info/Contact:                   Kevin Beale /  /  202-436-6676