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Martial Art Styles

American Bujutsu Kempo

Founded by GM R J Oak in 1998/ USMA United States Martial Arts Association.
Traces it’s roots from Kempo, Boxing/Kicboxing, Judo/JuJitsu Aikijujitsu, Arnis
Grappling, and Weapons. With a variety of combat drills and sets ABK’s
main focus is self-defense for the streets! Techniques range from percushion
striking/kicking, takedowns/throws, jointlocks, chokes, sweeps and weapons.

Hawaiian Kempo / Kajukenbo

Developed during the mid1940’s it is considered by many America’s
first mixed martial art. With influences from Karate, Judo/JuJitsu,Kempo
Kali and Western Boxing. Witin the arts several clutures also come into
play. American,Hawaiian,Japanese,Chinese and Filipino. This art was born
in the tough streets of Hawaii and is widely considered a no nonsense art
for self-defense.

“Old School” Jeet Kune Do

Bruce Lee was an innovater that was in constant experimentation to
develop what worked best for him! No one really knows what his JKD
would be like? We take the JKD core curricullum and use it as a foundation.
Then I add what is specifically what is mine. One builds a house with
strong foundation and make the living space there’s. We feel that by
sticking to Bruce Lee’s combat principles whlie continuing to develop
our own JKD, we can honor him. We teach under the direct authority
of the Wednesday Night Group Tackett, Bremmer and Sewell.