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Our Philosophy

Our purpose at Kempo & Fitness is first and foremost the personal development of our clients. From our Combat Sports Boxing / Kickboxing / Thai Boxing to our traditional martial arts Bujutsu – Hawaiian Kempo Ju-Jitsu  Filipino Martial Arts Arnis/ Kali/ Escrima

To the more modern or eclectic arts like Jeet Kune Do/ JKD and the Close Quarter Combatives/ CQC  We try to mold our clients to thier perticular own fit. As a client you cant truly absorb what you can use, make it yours and finally add to it what is specificaly their own!

When you hear of the word Boot Camp you may think to yourself?  I’m not looking for someone to stand over me and HOLLER at me to do this or do that!  That’s not the case with Kempo & Fitness. We constantly challenge you to challenge yourself. Our B.C. contain plyometrics, strength and conditioning,speed, agility with the aid of Kettelbells, Resistance Bands, Medecine Balls, Sandbags and Dumbells.

We strive to deliver highly effective multifaceded trainig programs to assist our clients achieve their martial arts and fitness goals.  Guaranteed!

Clients have an opportunity ot experience training with a trainer that has ove 40 years of combined experienc!

From beginner to the elite athlete we we inspire, educate, motivate and elevate our clients to get the results that they deserve!