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Self-Defense Boot Camps: Get Warrior Fit

Self Defense Classes in Raleigh and Druham

If you’ve been thinking about taking your workout up a notch or learning about self defense, or something new, fun and pushes your limits, the Warrior Fit Workouts boot camp can help you meet those goals. This workout is focused on helping you to tighten and tone, lose pesky inches, burn those calories and gain stamina with this action packed work out that is a combination of two different fighting styles, MMA (mixed martial arts) and traditional boxing.

Included in this program are warm up’s with shadowboxing and footwork. After your warm up you will be introduced to aggressive training from your own personal professional trainer teaching you the proper techniques to jab, hook and take the upper hand against your opponent no matter how small or large they may be. This enhanced method of strength and conditioning gives you the upper edge to push your body to it’s limits while teaching you how to protect yourself if the occasion should ever happen where you find yourself in a situation to perform self defense.

Punches, kicks, flips, sweeps and turns are all areas that your trainer will go over in this great cardio workout designed especially for those wanting to learn the art of boxing. Learning the correct way to kick, turn, use your hands and bend your knees too make all the difference in this intense form of training. Both challenging and rewarding, this is definitely for you if you’re looking to take your workout to a whole different level!

Strengthen your skills, work your mind, tone your abs and all while having fun! Take your flexibility to new heights while working your core and shedding pounds while increasing lean muscle. Although the target of this training is to push your body’s performance, the self defense boot camp teaches you much more than that. Learn how to regulate your breathing becoming more connected with your body, mind and spirit.

So what are you waiting for? Now is a great time to get toned, enhance your workout, push yourself past those limits and get Warrior Fit! Come and check us out today!