Boot Camps

Warrior Fit Workouts- Will both challenge and inspire you while transforming your entire body. This combination of MMA(mixed martial art) & Boxing program will test your muscles along with your mind. Each workout is packed with strikes, plyometric drills on top of non-stop intervals of power,strength,resistance,core and flexibility training. With this unique workout you will melt away pounds while taking off inches off your waist and pack on lean muscle mass. If you are looking to take your training to the next level. Then take the Warrior Fit challenge and develop a Warrior Fit Body.

Warrior Fit Boxing Workout- Have you ever wondered what it would be like to train like a boxer? Are you disappointed with your current workout regime? Do you want to push your limits whlie you have FUN! The warrior fit boxing workout is for you. Each workout starts out with a warm-up wihc consist of calestentics,footwork and shadowboxing. After the warm-up you will glove up while your professional trainer takes you through proper boxing techniques including jab,cross and hooks. You will follow your trainer through a series of boxing rounds 2 – 3 minutes in duration designed to provide overall strength /conditioning that will transform your body from flab to fab. The final stage of your workout will focus on core / abdominal circuits designed to strengthen a boxers mid-section. You can choose how Hard or how light you attack this workout, either way tou will burn calories, get into boxing shape and most importantly have FUN!

PIT – Private Intense Training – The One – on – One/ Partner PIT Training is Unparalleled! Achieve maximum results with exclusive personal attention / Flexible Scheduling / Custom Programs all in the privacy of your home of our gym. Motivation, Inspiration, Convenient and FUN!