Boxing and Kickboxing


The art / sport of boxing is one of the most challenging and
rewarding sports in the world today. The catch is finding a
qualified instructor. The “Sweet Science” as it is sometimes
referred by teaches mind, body and spirit. You will be exposed
to stances, footwork, slips, shoulder rolls, feints, traps along with
strikes / punches all seamlessly blended into combinations that
not only get you into phenomal shape but also assist you in any
self-defense situation. Kevin Beale is a living, breathing
encyclopedia of “old school” boxing tactics.


A system or style of striking arts found throughout the world. It
combines hands, elbows, knees and kicks which when blended
together give the practioner a highly varied arsenal of weapons
to be used in combinations. Kickboxing combinations are some
of the best cardio/strength workouts in the world today. Our main
focus when kickboxing is to test our techniques through a form
of play fighting called “sparring”


Also referred to as “Dirty Boxing” or Boxing for the street was
first developed in the Philippine/Indonesian culture. Unlike it’s
Western counterpart it contains deflections, distractions, joint
manipulations, sweeps and ground work. These tools allow the
practitioner to quickly seek an end to a confrontation. While it’s
name refers to empty hand, Panatukan is actually weapon based.