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What is ABK?

The term Bujutsu means “Stop Art” A combination of both old and new
Martial Art / Military influenced. The term Kenpo refers to “Fist Law”
When combined together Bujutsu Kenpo means Fist Law Stop Arts.
It is important to remember we utilize what ever is available to defend

BK, has roots in a variety of martial arts. They include Kempo JuJitsu,
Arnis/Kali, Boxing/Thai Boxing, AikiJujitsu and JKD. There are no
tournaments in the American Bujutsu Kempo system. It became a
recognized martial art by the United States Martial Arts Association
USMA in 1998

Grandmaster RJ Oak ( 12/1953 – 10/2016) was the founder of ABK.
He had also trained in Combat Judo, Isshin-Ryu Karate, Wing-Chun
No. Praying Mantis, Boxing/Kickboxing and Kempo prior to his
formulation of American Bujutsu Kempo..